How can I pay with Bitcoin

You have the option of paying via instant Bank Transfer
With Bitcoin you can Pay for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months
The safety of our customers is a top priority for us.
Bitcoin is the safest payment method in the World.
With Bitcoin, you can pay anonymously and securely.
It takes 2 minutes for you.
Please write to us for the instructions for the payment, under .

What is bitcoin and what advantage has it.

Bitcoin is the World’s safest payment system.
Your payments are safe and above all anonymous to us.
Bitcoin is used for large companies such as Amazon.It is very easy to pay with Bitcoin and takes just 2 minutes.

What is iptv

With Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the Transmission of television programmes and films with the help of the Internet Protocol. In contrast, the Transmission channels of cable
TV, DVB-T or satellite. IPTV is a generic term that is found in very many different forms. The different forms range from the simple IPTV via Computer or mobile phone to specific devices, in which the user does not notice that he uses the Internet to do that because he
operated via the TV Set-Top Box such as Apple TV or T-Home Media Receiver 300.

Do I need a Satellite foriptv

No you don’t need it

What is the bandwidth I need to stream iptv

Our IP-TV Streams uses the latest H264 technology, and offers the best compression and quality. The size is about 1 Mbps, when changing channels it can cause flicker, therefore, is SD 2 Mbps and HD Streams 3.5 Mbit is required.h.

Which devices are compatible

– Android Smart Phone
– Android Boxes
– Enigma
– DreamBox, Vu+, …
– PC
– VLC, Kodi / XBMC, …
– Smart TV
– Apple TV / MAC / Iphone

How are the updatesmade

You will receive a personal Link that you can use to keep your transmitter up to date

Wlan or Lan

To stream, we always recommend a LAN connection, With Wi-Fi you can use of course, but there is a disturbance factor of the Signal, e.g. walls, doors, rain, etc.

Using in different IP Adress

Please use our streams to only one IP. Several different IP should come from to use s, it’s not, unfortunately, to a blocking of the account, a reactivation is not possible.

Simultaneously stream on other devices

No, please use it only on a unit at the same time.
The Account will be locked if it is used at the same time.

To mag m3u conversion or m3u to mag

If you book for the Mag and the Box is broken after some time, then you should get yourself a new Like and to send us the old and new MAC number so we can transfer it.

To is not Like m3u or Enigma, etc. are possible.

Not like m3u.

M3u to Enigma, Dreambox, Smart TV or Vu to do it without any concerns.